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Rainbow Play Systems, Inc., has developed a unique

   3-step Process to design your dream Rainbow.


Choose Your Family's Dream Rainbow

Select a base style for your Rainbow Play Systems swing set.

Castle or Clubhouse?

Each is filled with endless adventures and years of imaginative play so there's no wrong choice. You simply need to determine which types of play are the best fit for your children.




  • Best Structure for
  • Unlevel Yards
  • Jacob's Rope Ladder Included
  • 360° Tire Swing Included
  • Super Flared Canopy
  • Two Extra Wide Ladders



  • Best Structure for Compact Yards
  • Two Play Fort Areas Included
  • Sandbox Base Included
  • Picnic Table Option
  • Lower-Level Playhouse Option


Choose Your Size

About Our Series / Sizes

There are some key swing set measurements to keep in mind when choosing which swing set size is right for your family needs and yard size : the unit dimensions will help you decide if it fits in your yard, and the swingbeam height, the slide length, and the deck height will all help you decide what is right for your children.

Choose Your Castle Size

Choose Your Castle Size

One thing that makes a Castle a Castle is the 360° tire swing below the play deck. A Castle also has two ladders, one on each side, for entering the fort and is an essential part of the basic structure of this style of Rainbow Play System. With the different ladders, along with the Jacob's Rope Ladder that is included with every Castle, this swing set is sure to please your family of climbers.

Choose Your Clubhouse Size

Choose Your Clubhouse Size

What makes a Clubhouse a Clubhouse is the simple fact that a square lower-level fort makes the base structure of this play system. A Clubhouse lower-level fort can be switched out for a sandbox, a picnic table, or a playhouse. Overall, this set is more enclosed and with the different options available can aid in the development of your child's imagination.

Choose Your Package

Designing your dream Rainbow swing set is easy with Rainbow Play Systems
packaging system - where our most popular and fun activities are kept in mind.
As your children grow, so can your swing set! These packages make it easy to expand
your swing set to keep up with their increased activity levels and new play interests.
These packages are available on all Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster and King Kong units.

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